Providing help with selecting, evaluating and developing business projects for those who want to immigrate to Canada as entrepreneurs or investors.


We offer our clients assistance in selecting a suitable business, preparing a business plan, and implementing it, if required.


There are several provincial immigration programs for entrepreneurs and investors that are both attractive and affordable. All of them are based on one main requirement, which is organizing a successful and perspective business in the province.

The immigration program conditions must be fulfilled within 2 years. Then immigration authorities assess your business in terms of meeting all requirements, and make a decision regarding issuing a permanent resident status in Canada.


We offer our clients assistance in evaluating the prospects of their project; we recommend necessary improvements and present the project to investors from accredited organizations.


The Start-Up Visa is a collective immigration program that is aimed at individuals who have an innovative business project. They must find an investor in Canada from the IRCC-accredited Investment Funds or Incubators.

If such organization agrees to invest the required amount in your project, the participants of this project (up to 4 people) are granted permanent residency in Canada.


Daltus Consulting is a joint project of a group of specialists coordinated by Dest Group Ltd. We offer a comprehensive approach that includes both provision of consulting services and practical assistance.

Business planning and development is carried out by Dest Group Ltd. We also employ Canadian immigration lawyers to provide legal support to our clients. All transactions with commercial real estate are conducted by the licenced Rea Estate Broker Helen Riabinin.