Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

In addition to federal programs, Canadian provinces have their own immigration programs, which are aimed at attracting skilled workers and businessmen to the province. Provincial programs can be suitable for those applicants who do not qualify for federal immigration programs.

Entry requirements for PNP

Provincial programs, which are mostly designed for skilled workers, are usually very similar. The main requirements are having a job offer from a local company, or having a previous work experience in that province.

Applying for immigration through a provincial program is a two-tier process. First, you need to get an approval from a province. If you meet the PNP requirements, you will be issued a Provincial Nomination Certificate as the confirmation of been approved by the province.

Then you submit your application and documents, including the Provincial Nomination Certificate, to the federal immigration authorities.

Provincial programs for graduates from Canadian colleges and universities

Some provinces offer immigration programs for the graduates from Canadian colleges and universities. In order to qualify, a graduate must have either a job offer from a local Canadian company or a previous work experience in that province. In either case, it is usually required to have at least several months of working in the province.

These programs are very similar to the federal program Canadian Experience Class (CEC). The only difference is in the length of the required Canadian work experience. Provinces accept the work experience duration as low as three to six months, while CEC requires minimum one full year.

When we develop an immigration strategy for our clients, we take into account all pros and cons of each program.